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«The Wire » is a devastatingly authentic mixture of gripping thriller, moving character drama and biting social criticism. The series was conceived, developed and produced by former police reporter David Simon for the US pay-TV network HBO («The Sopranos», «Game Of Thrones»).

Since the end of «The Wire» in 2008, Simon has continued to entertain audiences intellectually with excellent titles such as » Generation Kill «, » Treme «, » Show Me A Hero «, » The Deuce » or, most recently, » The Plot Against America » challenging TV entertainment. Nevertheless, «The Wire» is and remains his absolute masterpiece. Years after I first saw the series, I still occasionally ponder individual storylines and am fascinated by the deft interweaving of gripping fiction and sad reality.

The best series of all times

Anyone who takes a look around a US city away from the tourist attractions, the chic rich districts or the tidy business districts will see that the gap between rich and poor is much greater there than in this country. The result of the government’s «War On Drugs», which was once grandly announced but soon only waged for cynical PR purposes, usually looks like this: the state and its often corrupt regional authorities almost leave the weak of society to themselves. Crime, especially the drug trade, is lived out openly and in many areas only the law of the stronger or the more ruthless rules. Exactly as portrayed in The Wire.

The series captures this phenomenon with harrowing realism. The few police officers, politicians, lawyers, social workers, journalists, teachers or private individuals who are committed to fighting the situation, but also the gangsters and junkies, who usually know no other way of life, are portrayed as tangible, multi-layered people. The viewers can identify with various, often extremely different characters. That’s what makes «The Wire» so special for me.

All 60 episodes of «The Wire» are currently included in the Sky Ticket subscription . So before you jump into the next mediocre Netflix series, which the streaming service is pushing with all means, why not drop by Sky and catch up on this legendary milestone in TV history:

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The series can also be purchased on DVD and Blu-ray or (for a surcharge) from other streaming providers such as Amazon Prime:

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» «The Wire» as a Blu-ray complete box on Amazon *
» «The Wire» as a DVD complete box on Amazon *

HBO The cops Jimmy (Dominic West, r.) And Bunk (Wendell Pierce) are ready to take up the actually hopeless fight.
That’s what «The Wire» on Sky Ticket is about

Baltimore, just after the turn of the millennium: Violent crime and drug trafficking are at an all-time high in urban hotspots. For the most part, the authorities just look the other way. The officials no longer believe that they can get the situation that has gotten out of hand under control.

Thanks to his persistence, the idealistic detective Jimmy McNulty ( Dominic West ) nevertheless manages to form a special unit from representatives of the homicide squad and the narcotics investigation. However, this is a thorn in the side of the powerful Major Rawls ( John Doman ) and there is no support from above. In addition to McNulty’s few confidants (including Wendell Pierce ), there are only officers with whom no one else in the department wants to work ( Clarke Peters , Sonja Sohn , etc.).

The first goal of the cops is the extremely efficient organization of drug lord Avon Barksdale ( Wood Harris ) and his highly intelligent partner Stringer Bell ( Idris Elba ). McNulty & Co. want to track down the duo with pagers and phone surveillance, but have no idea what unscrupulous behavior they are capable of…

All series on Sky Ticket
HBO This is what a brutal drug dealer can look like: MCU star Idris Elba in his breakthrough role as Stringer Bell.
What makes «The Wire» so great

In contrast to TV crime hits like the «CSI» shows, «Criminal Minds» or the various «Law & Order» offshoots that started around the same time, there is no clumsy division into black and white or good and bad. All figures move in all possible shades of grey. We have dealers and murderers on one side and cops on the other. But they are all shown with different facets. The real villain of the series is the political and social system that allows such a world at all — that becomes as clear as day in the course of the episodes.

An important factor in the series’ credibility is the producers’ decision not to cast familiar faces. In this way, characters can be developed that the audience does not have certain expectations of from the outset because of their actors. Various well-established stars such as Idris Elba («Thor 1 — 3», «The Suicide Squad») and Michael B. Jordan («Creed», «Black Panther»), but also Dominic West («300», «The Crown «), Lance Reddick from the «John Wick» series, Seth Gilliam («The Walking Dead»), Jamie Hector («Bosch») and last but not least Michael K. Williams («Boardwalk Empire») , who unfortunately died much too early. the big breakthrough has been achieved here.

In addition, the design of the series is simply masterful. The dirty, rough look feels almost depressingly real. There is no distance to cushion the events. The camera – and with it the audience – is always there when someone is injured or killed, injects drugs or experiences mental anguish. The dialogues are partly quite philosophical in nature, then again direct and realistically rough — things are clearly stated. Most importantly, the writers take the time to develop their memorable characters and stories in true Slowburn fashion. All five seasons tell self-contained stories. But together they result in an absolutely round, highly satisfying overall story.

The Wire - Season 1 Trailer OV
The Wire — Season 1 Trailer OV



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