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Justin Lin shaped the Fast & Furious franchise like only Vin Diesel and Paul Walker did. With “The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift” launched in 2006 and especially “Fast & Furious – New Model. Original Parts” from 2009, he pushed the Auto Action series in a new direction. He then went on to do Fast & Furious 5 and Fast & Furious 6 before returning after a hiatus for Fast & Furious 9. And actually he should also stage the big finale with » Fast & Furious 10 » aka «Fast X» and » Fast & Furious 11 «. But that’s history now.

In a joint statement, Universal and the director announced their split. Lin explains that it was difficult for him to say goodbye. As a producer, Lin, who also developed the story for the grand doubles finale, will continue to receive a credit.

Zoff in the family: creative differences probably the reason

As consensual as the joint statement sounds, so much of it is probably the usual Hollywood PR. As the industry magazine Deadline reports, there were creative differences behind the scenes. And these must have been quite big for a director to give up in the middle of the ongoing shooting.

There is no speculation as to the exact cause of the differences, but it is known that lead actor and producer Vin Diesel has a lot of say in his baby Fast & Furious. Diesel recently revealed that he took Lin to heart because his original plan for Fast & Furious 10 didn’t include Jordana Brewster ‘s Mia. First of all, he made it clear to the director that she was part of the family and that the script should be adapted.

In the past, Diesel’s manner has already caused problems for Zoff in the «Fast & Furious» family. It’s no secret that superstar Dwayne Johnson is turning down all offers of a Finals return because of Vin Diesel.

And «Aquaman» director James Wan , who directed » Fast & Furious 7 » and whom Studio Universal would have liked to sign for another part of the series, is said to say under the hand that he has no money in the world to make another film of the Return row with the almighty star.

So it goes on now!

He shouldn’t be a candidate for Lin’s successor either, but one has to be found very, very quickly. After all, busy stars like Charlize Theron and Jason Momoa are already on set filming their scenes. They have fixed shooting schedules and are then possibly already in the word for other projects. So what’s next?

According to Deadline , Universal is trying to reduce any delay. Even if the actual production has been stopped for the time being, the so-called second unit should continue to shoot and produce material. At the same time, talks are already being held with the candidates for Lin’s successor in order to be able to present someone as quickly as possible. One is optimistic that such a postponement (current cinema release is May 18, 2023) can be avoided.

Fast 10: The Future of the Franchise After Part 9 (FILMSTARTS Original)
Fast 10: The Future of the Franchise After Part 9 (FILMSTARTS Original)


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