Exclusive «The Expendables 4» is red hot — a nuclear conflict with Russia in the Stallone action hit — cinema news


The Expendables 4 is slated to hit theaters sometime in 2022 , but little is known beyond that. We know that the action film will get heavier again after the third part, which is suitable for adults, and that it should get an R rating in North America. In addition, Jason Statham should move even more into the spotlight to take over the scepter from Sylvester Stallone . But what is it actually about?

Although a first preview was presented at a cinema fair, this is still unknown. Because the first snippets from the film were just action scenes with the old and new characters. But in an interview with Dolph Lundgren about his forthcoming new film “ Castle Falls ” (on DVD and Blu-ray from May 26, 2022), our author Lutz Granert took the opportunity to ask the veteran of the series. And he answered very openly.

Here’s what Dolph Lundgren tells us about The Expendables 4

MOVIE STARTS: There are many rumors about the content of «Expendables 4». What can you reveal about it?

Dolph Lundgren: The budget was very high, I think around $100 million. They replaced the director very late. That was problematic, but the new one, Scott Waugh , did a good job. [Note: Shortly before filming began, Patrick Hughes , the director of “The Expendables 3”, who was actually intended for the fourth part, had to leave.]

Stallone also rewrote stuff after filming began. At the heart of the plot is a nuclear conflict between the US and Russia, which is a timeless story right now.

It’s a big movie with big stunts, shoot-outs and some funny characters. I play Gunner Jensen again, the drunk Swede, who has been sober for some time now in the fourth part and goes on a philosophical search for meaning before falling back into old habits.

FILM STARTS: Since the real danger of a nuclear war due to the current war in Ukraine is suddenly on the agenda: Do you find the plot of «Expendables 4» just a little too close to reality?

Dolph Lundgren: The war in Ukraine is real, our film is fictional. But that is precisely what makes it so topical and perhaps also more relevant. The «Expendables» series has always been something like fantasy. So I hope that people will just enjoy the film and feel well entertained.

«The Expendables 4»: Farewell to Stallone

It is not yet known when «The Expendables 4» will hit the cinemas. But at least we already know that the veterans Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Dolph Lundgren will meet many new faces: 50 Cent , Megan Fox , Andy García , Sheila Shah , Jacob Scipio , Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais are now part of the cast the cast.

Lead actor and series mastermind Sylvester Stallone has just published a short video with Jason Statham on his Instagram channel, in which the «Rocky» legend once again announces his farewell to the series. The video was probably some time ago. recorded on Stallone’s last day on set.

In it , Stallone actually reveals that the role of his character Barney Ross will be smaller than that of Statham’s Lee Christmas , who is now on his own on the set to continue shooting. Will Ross die? Or is he just saying goodbye to retirement? At least it’s fairly certain that Lee Christmas will now be the new boss of the «Expendables». It was not for nothing that the fourth part also had the working title «A Christmas Story» in reference to the character’s name.

What we can also say with certainty: «Castle Falls» will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on May 26th, 2022 and will even be available as VoD from May 19th.

» «Castle Falls» at Amazon *

«Castle Falls»: Action by and with Dolph Lundgren

In » Castle Falls » we not only see Dolph Lundgren in a leading role in front of the camera, but he has also directed films like «Missionary Man» and «The Mechanic» again. He is also joined by his The Expendables 2 co-star Scott Adkins .

The Briton, known for his hits like the » Undisputed » series or » Avengement — Blutiger Freigang «, plays an ex-MMA fighter who has been doing odd jobs since an injury forced him to retire. When he found three million dollars hidden there during the demolition of the former Castle Heights hospital, he saw his chance for a new life. But he only has 90 minutes to get the money away before everything is blown up. And he’s not the only one after the money…

Prison guard Ericson (Dolph Lundgren) also wants the money to enable his daughter, who is suffering from cancer, to be treated. And of course all sorts of gangsters enter the scene to grab the three million. A fight for survival and against the clock begins…

Castle Falls Trailer DF
Castle Falls Trailer DF



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