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We spoke to Dolph Lundgren about the home cinema launch of his new action film Castle Falls , in which he not only stars but also directs alongside Scott Adkins and also asked him about Aquaman 2 . As a fan of the tall Swede, we naturally wanted to know whether we’d see him as King Nereus in the DC sequel again only in a small or perhaps a larger role. Lundgren revealed this to our author Lutz Granert in a zoom interview:

Dolph Lundgren: Like Nicole Kidman , I have a bigger role than in the first part. I was in London for two and a half months filming Aquaman 2 and I really liked the script because the story is also about global warming. By the way, James Wan (Editor’s note: the director of «Aquaman 2″) was a big fan of » He-Man » in his childhood. And King Nereus actually looks like a red-headed «He-Man», which is why he wanted me in the first film. Actually he was a villain, but he gave the character a positive touch with his golden shield.

Aquaman vs. Global Warming… and Black Manta

So we can not only look forward to more Lundgren and more from Nicole Kidman, which is of course also very welcome after her last outstanding performance in » The Northman «, but also to an important and current topic. “ Aquaman ” already dealt with the man-made destruction of planet Earth. Aquaman 2 seems to continue this when it comes to global warming.

But there is also a much more tangible opponent for the superhero. Aquaman ( Jason Momoa ) is known to have to deal with Black Manta ( Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ), who plots revenge after the death of his father. Many details aren’t known yet, but rumor has it he’s targeting the hero’s and Mera’s ( Amber Heard , who is said to only have a small role herself) child. Perhaps Lundgren’s Nereus will come to the rescue here? After all, he is the grandfather of the child who is probably in danger.

«Castle Falls»: Action by and with Dolph Lundgren soon in home cinema

While Aquaman 2 is currently scheduled to hit theaters on March 16, 2023 , you can see Dolph Lundgren in action very soon.

Castle Falls will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from May 26, 2022, and you can stream it as VoD from May 19, 2022.

» «Castle Falls» at Amazon *

Scott Adkins plays an ex-MMA fighter who uncovers hidden money while demolishing a hospital in the action thriller. But he only has 90 minutes to clear away the coal before everything is blown up. And he’s not the only one who wants the millions.

Because prison guard Ericson (Dolph Lundgren) also needs them to enable his daughter, who is suffering from cancer, to be treated. And of course all kinds of gangsters enter the scene. A fight for survival and against the clock begins…

Castle Falls Trailer DF
Castle Falls Trailer DF



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