«Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness» Das Ende mit den beiden (!) Abspannszenen erklärt

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As we now know from Marvel, » Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness » also comes up with end credits scenes. The focus of many fans should of course be on the first, the so-called mid-credit scene. Because here a completely new heroine appears, who will very likely play an important role in the MCU in the future. But the second end credits scene also has some nice references to offer. But let’s start with the first scene, with Charlize Theron .

Charlize Theron in «Doctor Strange 2»: This is the mysterious woman in purple

At the end of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, a portal opens through which a purple-clad woman, played by superstar Charlize Theron, steps. She explains to the baffled Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch ) that he caused an incursion and now it’s time to fix it. Then both go together through the portal previously opened with a sword away from our world into another, which we can take a quick look at. But who is this woman? What does she mean by incursion? And where are they both going?

Charlize Theron as Clea new in the MCU: The mysterious woman in purple is a very well-known Marvel comic character who is finally moving into the MCU: In the templates, Clea is Doctor Strange’s great love and both even get married. She is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension and the daughter of the magical being Umar, who in turn is the sister of an old acquaintance: Dormammu from Doctor Strange .

» «Doctor Strange» on Disney+ *

Return to the Dark Dimension: Your appearance could bridge the gap back to the finale of «Doctor Strange». That’s where Strange meets Clea’s uncle Dormammu in the Dark Dimension. And if you pay close attention, you should discover the dark dimension at the end of «Doctor Strange 2». At least the world that Clea and Strange step into looks suspiciously like that. It is not yet known when we will see Clea again. But there’s a lot to suggest the scene is a teaser for a possible Doctor Strange 3 with her in a major role.

That’s what the incursion is all about: But then it shouldn’t be about just bringing Dormammu back again. Clea eventually hints that bigger problems await a solution. Eventually, Strange caused an incursion. She’s alluding to the fact that he used the Dreamwalker ability to possess a dead body from another universe. We learn beforehand that this ability is dangerous and can lead to the collision of different universes.

Much more about Clea, her comic background — but also about other very interesting aspects of «Doctor Strange 2» like the future of Wanda ( Elizabeth Olsen ) and America Chavez ( Xochitl Gomez ), the Illuminati with all the cameos and the third one By the way, you can get Eye of Strange in the current video from our Marvel expert Sebastian. Meanwhile, the text here continues with the second end credits scene…

Doctor Strange 2: Ending Explained (FILMSTARTS Original)
Doctor Strange 2: Ending Explained (FILMSTARTS Original)



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