Deutscher Hollywood-Star stößt zu «Vikings Valhalla» Das verrät es uns über die nächste blutige &amp außergewöhnliche Story der Netflix-Serie — Serien News


Florian Munteanu made it to Hollywood from Bavaria . After Sylvester Stallone discovered him and cast him as Viktor Drago for » Creed II — Rocky’s Legacy » not only because of his imposing appearance, but also because of his boxing skills , things went straight on. Munteanu went on to star in the Marvel film Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings and is currently in theaters with Chris Pine and Kiefer Sutherland in the action film The Contractor . In addition, Munteanu has already completed the video game adaptation » Borderlands «, where he embodies the muscular war. And now he has also got his first series role.

Action expert Muntenau is currently in front of the camera for “ Vikings: Valhalla ” – and it is also interesting which role he embodies there. Because that tells us a lot about the upcoming plot.

Warner Bros. Florian Munteanu in «Creed II — Rocky’s Legacy»
Byzantium meets the Vikings: Florian Munteanu becomes George Maniakes

Because Munteanu will embody the Byzantine general George Maniakes, who really existed. And if you now think: Byzantium? Wasn’t the empire, also known as «Eastern Rome», located on the Mediterranean? How does that relate to the Vikings in the far north? Very good — and even straight to the extraordinary story of one of our heroes from «Vikings: Valhalla».

A main character in «Vikings: Valhalla» is known to be Harald Sigurdsson ( Leo Suter ), also known as Harald Hardråde. His future as King of Norway was teased several times during the first season. But until then it is still a long way. Because first he gets a bloody nose and has to leave his homeland. Harald therefore joins the Varangian Guard, which is a kind of bodyguard of the Byzantine Emperor, which he recruited from among the Vikings. They moved south from their homeland to spread fear and terror in the name of the emperor and to support his troops in battles with unbelievable brutality against his very good pay.

Netflix For Harald there is still a long way to go before he becomes King of Norway.

The Varangian guards around Harald played a special role in the attempt to reconquer Sicily from the Arabs. The command of the army was carried out by Georgios Maniakes, now embodied by Florian Munteanu. The Varangian Guard assigned to him was led by Harald. So we will see them planning side-by-side battles and then fighting. And the fights there are likely to be particularly bloody.

The story fits perfectly – and has many advantages

Incorporating this story into Vikings: Valhalla fits perfectly into the timing. Because the third (!) season of the series is currently being filmed. The second season is already in the can, but it won’t be released until 2023. In the second season we will see how Harald gets the aforementioned bloody nose in a dispute with Olaf ( Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson ) over Norway. After that he has to flee and we see him again in the third season in southern Europe in the aforementioned battle for Sicily.

It also fits perfectly with the repeatedly discussed religious conflict in the series. While the clash of Christianity and the old customs of the people in the north has been in the foreground here so far, the battles in southern Europe were also characterized by pushing back the Muslim faith. Another advantage for the series makers: With the trip to the south, you can build completely different locations into the story and thus provide a visual variation.

Harald’s «Sicily Adventure» is also an important stopover for the possible further action of the series. There he perfected his martial arts and also acquired the necessary fortune to launch a new and then successful attack on the crown of Norway and even set his sights on England. Those responsible have already confirmed that this final battle for England will one day mark the end of the series:

This is how «Vikings: Valhalla» should end on Netflix: There is a very precise plan — with two legendary battles

While the second season of «Vikings: Valhalla» has already been announced by Netflix for 2023, there is still no word on a possible date for the third season. Due to the current production, a release in 2023 would also be possible, but it is conceivable that Netflix deliberately focuses on only one season per year and we will have to wait until 2024 to see Florian Munteanu in action in the Viking series.

By the way, he is not the first German actor in the Netflix production. Laura Berlin has a very big and also in the future very important role as Emma von der Normandie. Season 1 also starred Annabelle Mandeng as head of the Kattegat defending Shield Maidens .

The end of «Vikings: Valhalla» on Netflix explained: That’s why the bloody berserk moment is so important for season 2



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