«Der beste Film aller Zeiten» kommt ins Kino Deutscher Trailer mit Penélope Cruz &amp Antonio Banderas

It has to be » The Best Movie of All Time «. Humberto Suárez ( José Luis Gómez ) can’t do anything else after he decides to go into the cinema business. This is how the vain multi-billionaire wants to polish up his public image, which seems far too boring to him.

So he quickly buys the outrageously expensive rights to a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel that he himself has never read. He also hired the critically acclaimed genius Lola Cuevas ( Penélope Cruz ) as director and screenwriter, as well as theater legend Iván Torres ( Oscar Martínez ) and Hollywood superstar Félix Rivero ( Antonio Banderas ) as actors for the project. What can go wrong with such luminaries?

But already during the first rehearsals arranged by Lola in one of Humberto’s many empty luxury estates, the enormous egos of her two main actors clash. The taunts, jealousies or psychological games between the men become more and more intense and malicious until a scandal breaks out at a party to mark the imminent start of filming…

The official FILMSTARTS review of «The best film of all time» from the Venice Film Festival

“The best film of all time” will start in German cinemas nationwide on June 30, 2022.

Star Cast for «The Greatest Movie Ever Made»

The script and production of «The Best Film of All Time» come from the Argentine director team Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn («4×4 — Welcome Aboard», «The Nobel Prize Winner»). However, we do not know whether the idea for your new work is based on your own experiences at work.

The duo starred Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martinez in front of the camera. «Vanilla Sky» and «Volver» star Cruz was already in our cinemas this year with the action hit «The 355» and the emotional Pedro Almodóvar drama «Parallel Mothers».

Antonio Banderas («Philadelphia», «The Mask of Zoro») was there most recently with «Uncharted» and also an Almodóvar film — «Pain and Glory». Oscar Martinez, who comes from Buenos Aires, on the other hand, is probably still best known in this country thanks to Hannes Stöhr’s «Berlin Is In Germany». Netflix subscribers may also have seen him recently in Live Twice, Love Once.

Other parts include José Luis Gómez («The Skin I Live In»), Manolo Solo from «The Perfect Boss» and Pilar Castro («Through My Window»). If you don’t want to miss «The Best Movie of All Time» and other important new releases — whether cinema, streaming or home cinema — then simply subscribe to our free newsletter , which appears every Thursday.

Finally, we have the trailer for you again in the original Spanish version with English subtitles:

The Best Movie of All Time Trailer OmeU
The Best Movie of All Time Trailer OmeU



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