Darum hat «Spider-Man Homecoming» einen der besten Twists im ganzen MCU!


To be honest, after everything we knew about » Spider-Man: Homecoming » from the trailers and other marketing materials in advance , we didn’t expect a major twist at all, quite the opposite: Actually, everything seemed to be clear from a story point of view .

That’s why we were quite surprised at the time when, before the press screening, it was explicitly pointed out again that you shouldn’t reveal the twists of the film in your reviews. Such an extra hint is now quite common at Marvel, but up until 2017 it only came up in the films of Twist grandmaster M. Night Shyamalan (» Split «, » The Visit «).

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But when Peter Parker ( Tom Holland ) wants to pick up his homecoming date and suddenly Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes alias Vulture opens the door, a perceptible murmur went through the cinema five years ago, even during the screening, which was filled with mellow journalists. And according to everything that was later noticed, the reactions in regular performances are said to have been even more extreme.

We don’t know whether this will still be the case in our living rooms at home several years later, when «Spider-Man: Homecoming» will be shown again on TV on May 21, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on Vox . But what makes the twist so particularly brilliant for us, we want to go through again at this point…

Who is Adrian Toomes really?

In that scene, the thought briefly crosses your mind that the villain may have kidnapped Liz ( Laura Harrier ) and her family. But then it becomes clear pretty quickly: Adrian Toomes is actually the father of Peter’s girlfriend. Awkward!!!

But we don’t just find the twist so successful because it actually comes as an absolute surprise and shortly afterwards leads to what is clearly the strongest scene in the entire film (the car ride, during which Toomes slowly begins to realize who is actually sitting next to his daughter in the back seat sits). For us, what is really brilliant about this twist is how skillfully and debunking the authors exploit the common prejudices and ways of thinking of the audience (including us explicitly) in order not only to achieve maximum impact, but also to make a powerful social statement at the same time.

These are the most legendary mindfucks in film history!

After all, Toomes has always said before that he only does all his black market business to be able to continue to support his family. But if his family is his main motivation, why don’t we ever see them?

Normally, film connoisseurs immediately start to rattle when faced with such a constellation: If we are not explicitly introduced to the family, then that can only mean that we actually already know them! But still, we and most of the others didn’t think that Adrian Toomes could be Liz’s father. And that’s partly because he’s white and she’s black.

Political fun cinema!

In the world of «Spider-Man: Homecoming», that shouldn’t have surprised us at all, after all, even at Peter Parker’s high school there are almost exclusively mixed-race couples (quite apart from the exemplary diverse casting of the film anyway).

In the very first scene of the film, Toomes speaks of «Native Americans» on his construction site, whereupon he is corrected by one of his employees that they are now saying «Native Americans». For a short time, Toomes appears like one of the archetypal proletarian Trump supporters who insist on their right to political incorrectness .

The fact that this Toomes has a black family, while the (narrow-minded) viewers can’t see the twist for the trees is a very nice second level that gives the film social relevance in an extremely clever but not at all obtrusive way gives.

This is how political fun cinema works!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer (3) DF
Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer (3) DF



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