Celebrated heatedly discussed &amp hardly seen Now you can catch up on one of the most exciting films of the year in your home cinema

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Three Oscar nominations — in the prestigious categories «Best Picture», «Best Director» and «Best Original Screenplay». A brilliant 91 percent at Rotten Tomatoes . And excellent 4.5 stars in the FILMSTARTS review . But also a disappointing box office result of 32.3 million dollars worldwide with a 40 million dollar budget and a controversy to which the director had to react: » Licorice Pizza » is a film of opposites. That was probably to be expected, given that the title already equates terms such as “liquorice” and “pizza”.

Since so far only a few film fans have seen the criminally neglected «Licorice Pizza» in the cinema, it was gradually time for the home cinema start . Finally, it aims to give more film enthusiasts the opportunity to see for themselves the new work from There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson . And that’s finally possible: The atmospheric, extraordinary journey through time to California in the 1970s is now available on DVD and Blu-ray as well as VOD .

» «Licorice Pizza» DVD & Blu-ray on Amazon *
» «Licorice Pizza» on Amazon Prime Video *

Incidentally, your companions during the journey through the decade of waterbeds and bell bottoms include Sean Penn , Bradley Cooper and the rock stars Alana Haim and Tom Waits , who are primarily known for their music .

This is Licorice Pizza

California, 1973: 15-year-old high school student Gary Valentine ( Cooper Hoffman ) develops a crush on assistant Alana Kane (Haim) during a photo op. The fact that she’s ten years older doesn’t bother him one bit. She, on the other hand, warns: A relationship between them would be disgusting – and illegal at that! Nevertheless, she allows the child actor and aspiring entrepreneur to invite her to dinner. A strange friendship develops in the turbulent San Fernado Valley, which, among other things, has to endure embarrassing celebrity encounters and the oil crisis…

Licorice Pizza Trailer (2) OV
Licorice Pizza Trailer (2) OV



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