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«Harry Potter», «Twilight» and «The Hunger Games» have shown how it’s done, many others are copying it — or at least trying to. We are of course talking about the numerous films based on popular youth books, which (mostly at the end) are also shared again. And if film series have already made a name for themselves in the cinema over the years, the decision to stretch the finale to two films, for example, can somehow still be understood from a financial point of view. With “ The 5th Wave ”, however, the whole thing looks a little different.

The crux of the adaptation of Rick Yancey’s bestseller is that the first film already feels like the story just ends in the middle. Sure, it was supposed to continue in part 2 shortly afterwards — but since the success at the box office didn’t materialize, the franchise was dropped again immediately. How it goes on? The viewers can imagine it themselves – or simply read about it. After all, there’s still the original book…

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… which we have summarized for all fans of the film who just want to know where the journey is going in the sequels:

This is how it continues in «The 5th Wave 2+3».

In the first part, the aliens begin to unleash waves of attacks on Earth, wiping out a large part of the world’s population. Cassie (played by Chloë Grace Moretz in the film ) is one of the survivors — and to keep it that way, she chooses not to trust anyone or anything. After all, the alien invaders can also take human forms.

But then she meets the sniper Ringer ( Maika Monroe ), Ben ( Nick Robinson ), whom Cassie had a crush on before the apocalyptic events, and Evan ( Alex Roe ), to whom she ultimately owes her life…

In Part 2 («The Infinite Sea») , Cassie, Ringer and Ben form a guerrilla force determined to confront the alien threat. But distrust soon develops within the trio as well. However, Cassie’s hopes of surviving and meeting her savior Evan, who, contrary to initial assumptions, may still be alive, are dwindling — because even in their tried and tested hiding place, they no longer seem to be safe.

And things only get worse for Cassie, Ringer and Ben in Part 3 («The Last Star») . Because they only have a few days left to prevent the final fifth wave and thus the final annihilation of mankind. The squad embarks on a mission to destroy the aliens from within — but with unexpected consequences…

If you still want to see the unfinished story in film form, you have two chances on May 29, 2022 on RTL. «The 5th Wave» runs there at 8:15 p.m.

The 5th Wave Trailer DF
The 5th Wave Trailer DF



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