«After Season 3 that’s it for me» «LOL» star Anke Engelke on the appeal of the hit show and the necessary unfriendliness — series news

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The third season of the hilarious non-laughing competition » LOL: Last One Laughing » is once again moving towards the finale on Amazon Prime Video . One of the favorites (despite the loss of a life) is once again Anke Engelke . As the only one who has already exposed herself to the madness of the hit show three times, the thoroughbred actress and comedian is probably THE «LOL» veteran par excellence.

In the FILMSTARTS interview, Engelke lets us share in her expertise and, among other things, lets us in on her major weaknesses, which could also be her downfall this time…

Fun at the psychology behind «LOL»

FILM STARTS: Christoph Maria Herbst told us that you have to have a very good group of therapists in order to expose yourself to the «LOL» madness a third time. What made you want to be part of Season 3 again?

Anke Engelke: It’s obviously fun. I don’t expose myself to a situation that I don’t like. I staunchly refuse to say it’s the worst experience I’ve ever had. And when you make such statements, then always with the addition: But I would do it again in a heartbeat. Because it’s so interesting as an experiment. It’s a setup that’s just insanely appealing. I’m very interested in the psychology behind phenomena like laughter or stress and morality. And this is where it all comes together. You are guest and performer at the same time. Those are both conditions that we as actors and comedians actually like.

Our «LOL» interview with Christoph Maria Herbst

FILM STARTS: So you would be there again for a fourth time? You finished fifth in season 1 and fourth in season 2. If this continues …

Anke Engelke: Should I be third now?

MOVIE STARTS: Exactly. And if you then keep slowly working your way forward, maybe you could win in Season 5.

Anke Engelke: That would be great. But just like you can’t prepare properly, there’s no mathematical pattern for how long you can last. Everything turns out differently than you think. It’s an absolute roller coaster ride and even more extreme in season 3 than in the first two seasons.

Fresh momentum and cancellation of season 4

MOVIE STARTS: The reveal of the audience at the end of the second episode was definitely a decent surprise.

Anke Engelke: And don’t you already feel that the chemistry in the room is completely different than in seasons 1 and 2?

FILM STARTS: There is definitely a different dynamic, which is due to the people on the one hand and probably the completely new studio on the other.

Anke Engelke: And the steps in the middle of the room are of course an invitation for everyone. You must not confront people like us with a step because we will purposely fall up and down multiple times. And yes, the dynamic also has to do with the space, but also with the constellation of the different people. There are people this time who were really a lot more ambitious than everyone in the first two seasons combined.

Anke Engelke in an (online) conversation with FILMSTARTS editor Markus Trutt

FILM STARTS: Did you actually express your interest in wanting to take part again, or how did that go?

Anke Engelke: You are simply asked. In any case, I found it very unusual that I was allowed to take part again, but then I communicated early on that that was it for me. I would so much like to be a spectator for once.

«Be rude!»

FILM STARTS: Christoph Maria Herbst has already let us in on his anti-laughter tricks. What are you thinking about to keep going? You’re also one of those people who aren’t so easily upset.

Anke Engelke: I sometimes say that to myself on the show, out loud and almost mantraesque: Be unfriendly! In the second season, I played a presenter for one number and didn’t notice myself that I smiled in a friendly way. I’m actually incredibly polite and friendly, that just doesn’t work here. One must meditate oneself into the rude, even if it goes against one’s nature. On the other hand, I have a very good grip on myself when people are performing and I’m really explicitly a spectator. But when completely unexpected things happen, things look very different. But obviously I still haven’t figured out the secret of why that is.

FILM STARTS: So there has to be another season.

Anke Engelke: (laughs)

FILM STARTS: In any case, I couldn’t help but smile in normal social interactions.

Anke Engelke: And now imagine you are in a room with all these people. These are all people you like and with whom you associate funny situations.

Admiration for the «LOL» team

FILM STARTS: «LOL» is the most streamed series on Prime Video in Germany. Did the awareness of this affect your appearance in Season 3 in any way?

Anke Engelke: No. But it’s also a quirk of mine that I don’t define my work in terms of success or failure. I’m happy about that, of course, because I know how much work is behind it. It is a huge and competent team that does everything. All the preparation alone. If you want to perform a number, you have to register it. Then you need props and costumes. In my case, I prepared many numbers and used them for two very elaborate costumes. I had costume rehearsals for that. Then I had to keep checking to make sure everything was OK. Then everything had to be transported.

It’s such a big organization that I mostly respect the people who work there. I always see the moment of creation. And when so many are euphoric and full of love for what they are doing, then that is much more important to me than the success afterwards. When there is so much dedication, passion and love involved, I assume that a lot of people will like it too. But conversely, I don’t think: A lot of people liked it, so I’m going to do it again now. That’s not how I tick.

» «LOL: Last One Laughing» Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video *

FILMSTARTS: In your opinion, is it more of an advantage or a disadvantage if you already know someone from the other “LOL” participants well?

Ange Engelke: Good question. I probably had the biggest problems with Basti[an Pastewka] in the second season, because we actually know each other inside out and have been working together for so long. I think that’s both good and bad. When you know what’s coming, it can be really difficult. On the other hand, of course, someone is also predictable. If you can anticipate a bit of what could come, you can mentally prepare for it…

FILM STARTS: … and exploit weaknesses.

Anke Engelke: Definitely.

LOL: Last One Laughing - Season 3 Trailer DF
LOL: Last One Laughing — Season 3 Trailer DF



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