After season 3 of «LOL Last One Laughing» We wish for these 10 participants for season 4 — series news, Inc. or its affiliates

The final official announcement of a fourth season of “ LOL: Last One Laughing ” is still pending, but it should only be a matter of form. Finally, the hilarious don’t laugh competition enjoyed great popularity again in Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video . The six new episodes are now over again, so we want to look ahead.

Because even if the first three «LOL» seasons were already filled with top-class comedy celebrities, there are still a few potential candidates that we would like to see in the «LOL» arena. Since only two people from our Season 3 wish list actually ended up on the show ( Christoph Maria Herbst and Palina Rojinski ), some of those named at the time are also on our new list. However, many a fresh name was able to get one of the ten places…

Our desired participants for «LOL» Season 4
Michael Bully Herbig : Yes, in our opinion, the «LOL» moderator should expose himself to the madness that he has only seen from the outside so far. With his obvious joy in slipping into even the most abstruse roles, the all-rounder is actually given away as a mere observer. As the (previous) man behind the scenes, he would definitely be a competitor not to be underestimated.
Meltem Kaptan : In Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush, which has just opened in cinemas, Meltem Kaptan thrills as the perfect cast mother who fights against injustice. The quick-wittedness and disarming down-to-earthness that she brings to this role would certainly be of great use to her in «LOL» — especially since Kaptan also draw on her experience as a stand-up comedian in «Nightwash» or in the «Quatsch Comedy Club». can.
Ina Müller : Anyone who has ever seen an episode of the rustic pub late night «Ina’s Night» knows that it’s very difficult not to laugh when Ina Müller is around. The singer, presenter and author is a North German type: direct, brash, cordial.
Olli Schulz : If anyone has the courage to lure their opponents out of their reserves with all means, then the Hamburg all-rounder. His appearances alongside Joko and Klaas in «neoParadise» and «Circus HalliGalli» are now legendary — and have proven that Schulz has neither a pain nor a shame limit.
Helge Schneider : Helge Schneider ‘s wonderfully absurd Gaga humor is perfect for wearing down those around him — especially when the stubborn music genius packs it into sprawling song interludes that sometimes don’t want to end.
Amazon / Luna Zscharnt / Pandora Film / DCM Filmdistribution / 20th Century Studios / Petra Lisson from left to right: Bully, Meltem Kaptan, Ina Müller, Olli Schulz, Helge Schneider
Hella von Sinnen : A glaring power woman whose laughter above all has an extremely contagious effect. So it would be interesting to see what (certainly hilarious) ways Hella would go to stifle her laughter.
Maren Kroymann is not only one of the best German actresses, who always takes a clear stand, but also an outstanding cabaret artist. She already had her own satirical show in the 90s, most recently she thrilled with «Kroymann» in the first and won pretty much every conceivable award. We can very well imagine that she would be an enrichment for «LOL» with her humor.
Hape Kerkeling : After his film comeback in «Der Boandlkramer und die Eternal Love» (very fitting alongside Bully and exclusively on Amazon Prime), the comedy legend, who only received an honorary award from the German Television Prize in 2021, is also making his return the home screens continue – and that would finally be perfect with an appearance on “LOL”.
Nora Tschirner : As an ork, Nora Tschirner really surprised everyone, especially in the ProSieben successful format «The Masked Singer», because almost nobody guessed at her. In doing so, she not only demonstrated her unfamiliar linguistic skills (she sang in Italian, Turkish and even Icelandic). She could also surprise with many talents in «LOL», especially since we know from interviews that the actress is damn funny.
Aurel Mertz: Aurel Mertz first made headlines, especially with self-produced short videos. ZDF has long been producing its clips — and also the show «Aurel Original», in which he repeatedly puts his finger in the wound. For example, he transfers corona denial to a zombie apocalypse setting. We are certain: Mertz, who is also successful as a stand-up comedian, would shake up the «LOL» house quite a bit.
Universum Film/RTL / Constantin Film Distribution /Violetta Grimm / Leonine Distribution GmbH / MDR/Andreas Wünschirs / ZDF from left to right: Hella von Sinnen, Maren Kroymann, Hape Kerkeling, Nora Tschirner, Aurel Mertz
«LOL» season 4 without the winner from season 3

Whichever new and already known «LOL» faces end up in the fourth season, one thing is certain: «LOL» veteran Anke Engelke , who was the only one in all previous seasons, will not face the fourth time give honor «I’d really like to be a spectator for once,» the actress and comedian told us in an interview ahead of Season 3.

And in fact, now would have been the best time to say goodbye to the format, after all Engelke was finally able to emerge victorious on the third attempt. In a close final she defeated her colleague Abdelkarim and thus won the prize money of 50,000 euros for a good cause.

The FILMSTARTS interview with «LOL» veteran Anke Engelke



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