After Part 1 of «Stranger Things» Season 4 The goosebumps trailer for Part 2 promises an absolutely epic finale on Netflix — Series News

The fourth season of “ Stranger Things ” clearly dwarfs the previous three seasons with its sheer size: 270 million dollars production budget, nine episodes with XXL length and the escalating fight against the dark forces of the upside down, which in several first is told in slowly merging storylines. No wonder Netflix is ​​releasing the season in two parts to really digest the whole thing (and keep the season talking for longer, of course).

In the seven episodes of the first part, the Duffer brothers responsible for the series fired off so much that the question now arises as to how they want to top it off in the rest of the season, which consists of just two episodes. But the grandiose first part in particular gives hope that they actually have what it takes, especially since the two episodes of part 2 with a running time of around one and a half (!) and two and a half (!!) hours are once again big in terms of length instead of a mess. And the trailer for those same episodes strengthens this hope even more…

This is how it continues in «Stranger Things» season 4

With Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown ) deciphering her own past and the Vecnas/Henrys ( Jamie Campbell Bower ) and now regaining her powers, another confrontation with Season 4’s big villain is inevitable. Helping her fight the slaying monster are her friends in Hawkins, who are launching their very own campaign into the Upside Down.

Meanwhile, Hopper ( David Harbour ) , who recently escaped from the prison camp in Kamchatka, investigates the Russian experiments with the dark parallel world and how these could be connected to the events in Hawkins…

We’ll soon find out whether season 4 is really the icing on the cake and whether it could even become the best season of the series: The second part of the fourth season of «Stranger Things» will be released on Netflix on July 1, 2022 .

Stranger Things - Season 4 (Volume 2) Trailer OV
Stranger Things — Season 4 (Volume 2) Trailer OV



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