After «Harry Potter 8» and «Fantastic Beasts 3» This is how the fantasy saga should continue

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«Harry Potter»: The film series about the magic student with the lightning scar is still such a big draw that Sat.1 is making a big prime-time event out of the two-part finale this weekend. After » Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 » on Saturday evening, which will be repeated again on Sunday (May 15, 2022) at 2:50 p.m., «Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1» will be shown on Sunday evening at 8:15 p.m 2 «.

The TV weekend is all about «Harry Potter». But you can also immerse yourself in the Potter universe in the cinema — namely with » Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets «, the third part of the «Beasts» spin-off series, for which fans had to wait quite a long time. But what’s next for the franchise created by JK Rowling?

«Beasts» series: are parts 4 and 5 still coming?

Anyone who has followed the whole «Beasts» series a little probably knows: Five parts were planned. So is Fantastic Beasts 4 next ? It’s not that simple, because there’s a catch: Part 4 of Warner Bros. hasn’t been officially announced yet and shortly before «Dumbledore’s Secrets» came to the cinema, producer David Heyman had declared that there was no script for the sequel either.

It can be assumed that Warner Bros. first wants to take a very close look at the worldwide box office figures for «Fantastic Beasts 3» before deciding on the future of the series — because it has been in place since the weak overall box office result (despite great visitor numbers in Germany ) of part 2 already on the brink.

Not to mention that cast and crew scandals (Johnny Depp’s sacking, JK Rowling’s perceived transphobic tweets, now Ezra Miller’s uncertain future ) don’t help the franchise’s standing either.

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The box office numbers don’t look exactly rosy at the moment, after «Tierwesen 3» has been running in cinemas for more than a month. Part 3 is also a hit again in Germany , so far almost 2.5 million people have seen it in this country. But in its native USA, «Dumbledore’s Secrets» has so far only grossed 86.6 million US dollars, worldwide just 365 million came together.

New «Harry Potter» film with the original stars

So it remains exciting to see if we’ll see Newt Scamander ( Eddie Redmayne ), young Dumbledore ( Jude Law ) and Gellert Grindelwald ( Mads Mikkelsen ) on screen again (or even twice). In addition to the income, it also plays a role, of course, how much one believes in keeping the «Harry Potter» brand in conversation with other «Beasts» films, selling merchandise and promoting events and studio tours.

But it’s not as if Warner Bros. necessarily has to resort to the «Beasts» offshoots for this. There’s always the option of just going back to the original series — it’s hard to imagine Harry Potter never coming back to the big screen, given the long-standing trend towards late sequels and remakes. While it may be too early for a Potter remake, it’s been rumored for a long time that there could be a sequel — in the form of a film adaptation of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

«Harry Potter 8»: That’s why the continuation of «Deathly Hallows» in the cinema is so likely

For this “ Harry Potter 8 ” – or “ Harry Potter 9 ”, if you were to number the first eight films including the two-part finale – the former child actors Daniel Radcliffe , Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are slowly becoming the right age to start their Characters now play as adults with school-age children, as the play envisages.

«Harry Potter» series for HBO Max

And then there’s the «Harry Potter» series , which industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter reported on in early 2021 but hasn’t heard much about since. The magazine revealed at the time that a series set in the «Potter» world was being developed for Warner’s streaming service HBO Max. And that sounds more than plausible when you consider that it’s all the rage right now to expand big cinema franchises with series — see Marvel and «Star Wars» on Disney+ .

So there are plenty of ways the popular fantasy franchise could continue. Ultimately, all of the options mentioned in this article could even be exhausted if you first continue with » Fantastic Beasts 4 » and » Fantastic Beasts 5 «, save » Harry Potter and the Cursed Child » for afterwards and in between one (or more ) series(s) can start.

Letting «Harry Potter 8» (or 9) rest for a while would also make sense for another reason: Daniel Radcliffe recently gave a temporary refusal to return to his cult role. But that could have changed in a few years…

What is also clear is that the next project has not yet been officially confirmed. So Potterheads have no choice but to be patient…

Fantastic Beasts 3: Secrets of Dumbledore Teaser DF
Fantastic Beasts 3: Secrets of Dumbledore Teaser DF



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