After 13 (!) Years After the Netflix success Gerard Butler turns Sequel into a tough revenge thriller – but how is that supposed to work? — Cinema News

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In Law of Vengeance aka Law Abiding Citizen, Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx engage in an intense duel. Butler plays a widower whose family was brutally murdered. Because the responsible public prosecutor (Foxx) lets the perpetrator get away with too little prison time, he begins an elaborate revenge plan. He lets himself be arrested and then spreads terror from prison with bombs…

At the box office, Law of Vengeance was a solid success. With a budget of 50 million dollars, almost 128 million dollars were grossed worldwide. At that time, more than 520,000 people bought a cinema ticket in Germany.

Despite very questionable morals, the vigilante thriller continued to collect fans afterwards. When it debuted on Netflix in the US in early December 2021, it immediately became the second most-watched title of the week. That may have played a role in the decision to suddenly produce a sequel to the thriller after 13 years, which is currently not available as a streaming subscription in Germany.

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«Law of Vengeance 2»: By (and again with?) Gerard Butler

Among others, Gerard Butler himself is behind the project. Because he will produce » Law of Vengeance 2 » himself. Screenwriter Kurt Wimmer («Equilibrium»), who already wrote the original, is also returning with him. Producer Lucas Foster is also back on board.

Whether we will also see Butler in front of the camera was not announced because the plot is being kept secret. But producer Foster reveals in the announcement that he’s looking forward to seeing «these great characters» again — and the plural can only mean that Nick Rice (Foxx) and, of course, Clyde Shelton (Butler) are returning.

In addition, it is so far the absolute exception that Butler produces a film in which he does not act himself. However, anyone who knows «Law of Vengeance» should now frown vigorously.

Warning: The following are SPOILERS for «Law of Vengeance»:

Because at the end of the thriller, Clyde Shelton, played by Butler, blows himself up. When he activates a bomb that was actually intended for the mayor, he soon finds out that public prosecutor Nick Rice not only found it, but packed it under the bed of his prison cell. The scene is actually pretty straightforward, so one can ask how Butler is supposed to return. Let us surprise…

Just Butler soon in the cinema — in «Chase»

Incidentally, Gerard Butler will soon be appearing in cinemas in “ Chase ”. In the thriller, he is suspected of murder when his wife ( Jaimie Alexander from «Blindspot») disappears without a trace. So he not only has to prove his innocence, but also find his wife himself…

According to current plans, “Chase” will start on August 18, 2022. It is not yet possible to predict when “ Law of Revenge 2 ” could appear.

Chase - Nothing Stops Him on Trailer DF
Chase — Nothing Stops Him on Trailer DF


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