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+++ Warning, spoilers for «Sonic The Hedgehog 2» +++

The popular speedster Sonic is currently causing a sensation on the big screen for the second time. After the success of «Sonic The Hedgehog » and » Sonic The Hedgehog 2 «, another sequel is already planned. Anyone who has seen the credits scene from «Sonic 2» can already imagine how it will continue. Because in it the black hedgehog Shadow appears for the first time, which looks confusingly similar to the blue SEGA mascot, with the exception of the coloring, of course. In an interview, screenwriter Patrick «Pat» Casey has now explained what Shadow’s debut means for » Sonic The Hedgehog 3 » and also emphasized what makes the new villain particularly dangerous.

This is how Shadow continues in «Sonic The Hedgehog 3».

Pat Casey co-wrote the screenplays for the first two Sonic films. It is therefore possible that he will also be active in part 3 in this function, but this has not yet been officially confirmed. On the Green Hill Zone Podcast , however, he spoke about Shadow:

«He’s a worthy opponent for Sonic, but with a very different personality. Not like Knuckles, who was just misguided. Shadow is driven by anger and revenge. I think when Sonic meets Shadow he’ll be like, ‘I’ll just teach him the power of friendship, like Knuckles,’ but that won’t work with Shadow.»

Sonic’s main enemy in previous films was Dr. Robotnik, whose actor Jim Carrey recently announced his retirement. It is therefore more than questionable whether this will return for part 3, which is why Shadow could become all the more important for the sequel.

A return from Dr. Robotnik actually already prepared in the end credits scene of «Sonic 2». Finally, we see his henchman Agent Stone sneaking into the compound where his boss was last seen.

«Sonic The Hedgehog 2»: The post-credit scene and what it means for «Sonic 3» explained

But at the time it was not known that Carrey would probably no longer be available for a sequel. The authors of «Sonic The Hedgehog 3» may have to rethink and continue the scene differently than planned. Stone may be late and Robotnik has already been captured. Maybe he actually died fighting Sonic. Even Pat Casey says (albeit jokingly) that Sonic Dr. «Basically murdered» Robotnik.

Personality Jim Carrey is a big problem. Because actually, Dr. Robotnik is essential to the Sonic franchise, but due to Carrey’s iconic performance, producer Neal H. Moritz has already said they won’t even try to replace the cult star.

After «Sonic The Hedgehog 2» «Sonic 3» has a huge problem — and that means Jim Carrey
The Sonic Cinemativ Universe and a Super Smash Bros. Movie?

In addition to «Sonic The Hedgehog 3», a Knuckles spin-off has already been confirmed for the Paramount+ streaming service , in which Marvel and DC star Idris Elba will return as the original English voice of red Echnida.

Like «Sonic 3», the Knuckles series has no release date yet.

If these two projects are successful, other films and series are likely to follow. Producer Toby Asher already announced loudly: «We’re creating a Sonic Cinematic Universe!» Of course he’s alluding to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which now includes over 30 films and series.

In an interview with Comic Book , Sonic 1 & 2 director Jeff Fowler even brought up another video game adaptation starring Sonic: «Nothing would make me happier than throwing all these characters into a battle royale and a big ‘[Awesome] Smash Bros. thing. But that would require some work from the lawyers before that can happen.”

Nintendo «Sonic» director Jeff Fowler dreams of a «Super Smash Bros.» movie.

«Super Smash Bros.» is probably the biggest crossover brand in the gaming world. Originally launched as a fighting game featuring only Nintendo characters, more and more iconic video game characters have been invited into the brawling fun by other rights holders, so the latest installment now features almost 90 different fighters from many popular gaming brands. Sonic is also there, so it’s understandable that Jeff Fowler would like to see his screen version of the hedgehog compete against other gaming icons such as Super Mario and Pikachu.

However, such a mammoth project seems (still) unimaginable, since an enormous cooperation between different film studios and video game companies would be necessary here in order to collect all the rights for it together. So we’re not expecting a Super Smash Bros. movie for now.

The FILMSTARTS review of «Sonic The Hedgehog 2»


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