A must for «Supernatural» fans The series hit appears in what is probably the fattest home cinema set of the year — Series News

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At the end of 2020 came what probably had to come at some point: The very last » Supernatural » episode ran on screens worldwide for the first time. After 15 years and more than 320 episodes, the mega-popular fantasy series was over once and for all — or at least for the adventures of the two demon hunters Sam ( Jared Padalecki ) and Dean Winchester ( Jensen Ackles ). While broadcaster The CW is already working on a prequel titled «The Winchesters», which is said to focus on the parents of the two brothers, the parent series is officially over. The perfect time to give fans of the series the full load of «Supernatural» in one all-inclusive package.

In the end, it took a good year and a half after the end of the series, but now the time has finally come: «Supernatural» will be released on June 23, 2022 for the very first time as a limited complete box on Blu-ray and DVD. The two sets, which contain an impressive 58 or even 86 (!!) discs, can already be pre-ordered — and are probably a must for every fan of the cult series.

» «Supernatural» complete box DVD at Amazon *
» «Supernatural» complete box Blu-ray at Amazon *

In addition to the series seasons themselves, the set also contains extensive bonus material such as audio commentaries, unused scenes and various featurettes as well as a 68-page booklet filled with plenty of pictures and text. But the best thing about the complete box is of course: In contrast to a stream, it doesn’t just disappear from your shelves one day because some license has expired!

«Supernatural»: Long-running series with a cult factor

The unlikely pair of brothers, whose father ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) once trained the two to be hunters of the dark forces in order to avenge the death of his wife or Sam and Dean’s mother, is a loyal companion through the TV series world for many fans of the series who somehow was always there. After all, the format started at a time when «Lost» was revolutionizing television and ended in the middle of the streaming era.

And so the «Supernatural» fan base continued to grow from the start of the series in 2005 to 2020. No wonder: while a wide variety of Spider-Man reincarnations and numerous Batmen have come and gone in the cinema since then, Sam and Dean Winchester stayed with us for a full 15 years — and of course grew fond of their audience during that time.

» «Supernatural» on Amazon Prime Video *

Accordingly, not only the farewell was emotional for many fans of the series, but also the meanwhile settled dispute between Padelecki and Ackles , which the spin-off “ The Winchesters ”, which was already being planned at the time, brought with it. Today things are quite different — and on top of that it’s doubly gratifying. On the one hand, the brawlers love each other again, on the other hand, the offshoot is now a done deal. The CW has greenlit the first season.

Actors found for «Supernatural» prequel: These are Sam and Dean’s parents

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