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» 365 Days 2: This Day » is full of weaknesses: Be it the clumsy dialogues, the hectic rattling off of irrelevant erotic scenes without building up tension or the constant pop music soundtrack, which suffocates any atmosphere and probably only serves to somehow turn the rudimentary plot of the film into the to pull length. Not to mention that the whole story of this music video/soft porn is based on the premise that Laura ( Anna Maria Sieklucka ) has seriously fallen in love with her kidnapper, Massimo ( Michele Morrone ), which Netflix unsubtly brushes aside in the sequel.

The good thing about it: Not all weaknesses of «365 Days 2» damage the entertainment factor. Some of them are so unintentionally funny that they even increase the viewing pleasure: from the very first sensually breathy line of dialogue «I’m not wearing panties» to the silly twist with Massimo’s evil twin brother, whose overacting could hardly be increased even in a parody . But with all the obvious flaws, there is another small flaw that not only most viewers but also the filmmakers seem to have overlooked (or rather: ignored).

Is that meant seriously or is the soundtrack slipped?

An observant Netflix user made a discovery that I missed while watching 365 Days 2, but it’s also unintentionally funny. The moment takes place around 53:55 in the Netflix movie:

In the scene, Laura has just called her mother and said to her mailbox that she was wrong about Massimo and has now fled from him. She then throws her cell phone towards the sea and a sound effect sounds, signaling that the phone has landed on the water. However, the timing is completely wrong and the splash comes way too soon! No wonder the viewer in the above Twitter video can only laugh about it.

But I don’t want to make things any bigger than they are. There are mistakes in almost every film. Even masterpieces are affected: Gandalf actor Ian McKellen once forgot to take off his watch before filming The Lord of the Rings and thus unintentionally brought the timepiece to Middle-earth.

What is at most a bit annoying in an ingenious fantasy epic is even less bad in “365 Days 2”. On the contrary: If the erotic sequel doesn’t offer any cinematic qualities, then such ridiculously funny moments make up for the two hours of my life that I sacrificed for it. After all, involuntary humor like this is the only thing the Netflix hit has to offer.

«365 Days 2» is only defused on Netflix: the erotic story in the book template is so much more blatant


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